WIW: spring florals à la Warhol

I must apologise for being scarce here lately. Writing, designing and teaching are taking up a lot of my time and I'm trying to stay away from too many distractions. Plus I've been slack about taking photos of what I'm wearing, so there's that.

But generally, I've not found much to inspire me in the new season's offerings and anyway, I've been enjoying shopping my closet. Focus on quality essentials, I told myself. Work on some new designs. Develop a more streamlined persona. That sort of thing. And no more vintage. My wardrobe can do without any more objets trouvés.

Then I happen past my favourite vintage store and catch a glimpse of something hanging on the wall. I'm not usually one for florals, but there's this one iconic print and if I ever find it I'll happily make an exception for it. OK, OK, I'm going in. Just for a look, mind.


Nadine takes it down for the wall. Some Italian designer, she says, early 90's she thinks. Tag says Ferretti Studio. Would that be Alberta Ferretti, do you think? She's not sure. 

It fits, it looks good. But really, do I need another colourful jumpsuit?

Yes, yes you do, says Nadine. Not many people can wear this. It needs to go to someone who can rock it. If you don't buy it, I'm going to cry.

For all my efforts to be streamlined, sensible and minimal, I just can't seem to contain my colourful impulses, my magpie sensibility, my nostalgia for the rave years, a time when fashion was exciting, original, adventurous. I hand over the cash and my resolution goes up in smoke. 

Truth be told, they're not quite Warhol's flowers, more of an homage reimagined as camo print, which is quite alright for this military inspired garment. On brighter days it'll look good with the sparkly bomber and pirate boots, but today the weather calls for raingear, combat boots and the default hat.


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This is Progress

For the first time in my life I seem to have gotten my head around dressing to a consistent formula. I’m not sure how this has happened but some of the YLF wisdom must have sunken in. Getting dressed is very easy at the moment and it’s all coming from a relatively small selection but I’m wondering how long it’ll be before I get bored.

Spring Essentials 2016:

  • Pants: loose fitting, tapered, dropped crotch.
  • Tops: long sleeved Breton stripe tees, boxy sweatshirts, solid colour turtlenecks;
  • Statement shoes: creepers, flatforms, platform booties.
  • Jackets: oversized blazers, bomber/utility style jackets, quilted mid-layers
  • Accessories: peaked hat, specs, silver rings, oversized gent’s watch.


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The Cape Controversy

I couldn't help but notice that Angie's Power Suit ensemble included a cape. While many supers agree that a cape is indispensable for ceremonial purposes, (such as the AGM, as Angie suggested) there has been some controversy as to whether they should be withdrawn because of safety issues. 

As creator of the most innovative super suits of the era and a global authority on skin-tight safety wear, renowned designer Edna Mode puts forward a convincing argument as to why the cape should be removed from the Standardised Superhero Uniform (as agreed at the 2125 Marvel Universe convention).

Remember, all you moonlighting superheroes and crime-fighting vigilantes, luck favours the prepared!