Three birds

I had a light-bulb moment about style personae, and how they relate to my life, my interests and my general character. In very simple terms, it breaks down into three, which I named the parrot, the magpie and the crow. 

The parrot is outgoing and confident and looks good in a blazer.
The magpie is creative and curious and kind of arty-retro-boho. 
The crow is a shy and serious nerd who overthinks everything. She's an avant garde minimalist.

Each of these characters find expression in my style. Sometimes they work together, sometimes they don't. 

I began writing a reflection on this little trio which I'd intended to post here, but over the course of a couple of evenings it turned into something else entirely so I put it on my blog instead:

(I don't know what to call it. Is it an allegory? A fable? It's definitely some sort of shaggy dog story. You don't have to read it. I should send it to my shrink. She'll have a field day.)

Anyway, I was wondering if there are any other similarly split personalities out there, and how they express themselves. How do your style personae correspond to aspects of your personality?


Sleazy Country Uncle's Reprisal

Meet Simon.

Simon made a fortune promoting illegal raves in the 1990’s and used the proceeds to buy an organic dairy farm in Herefordshire from which he produces a range of dependable but entirely forgettable vegetarian cheeses. He has given up cocaine after an extended spell in the Priory but still enjoys his weed, which he scores from the Gangsta Librarians, a mobile book repository/craft brewery/dubstep sound system, a member of whom is dating his teenage niece. Twice a month he takes his 1992 Saab 900 Turbo to Bristol where he drives slowly around Montpellier, leering at schoolgirls and enjoying random Grindr hookups. Later he hangs out with Banksy and Daddy G from Massive Attack, who secretly despise him for being a hippie.

I don’t think the belt is working. Simon would wear it because he’s clueless. But not me. I know better.


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WIW: winter, bright and otherwise

Since self-diagnosing as a Bright Winter, I’m honing my approach to colour and becoming more comfortable with black as a core neutral in high-contrast outfits. This is proving harder than I thought as colours I’ve enjoyed in the past now seem somewhat drab and I’m wondering whether I shouldn’t purge some of the softer tones.

I do feel like I’m making good use of my seasonal wardrobe though and not retreating into woolly jumpers the way I often do at this time of year. We’re having a very mild winter so it’s been easier than usual to mix things up without having to pile on the layers.

#1-2 An outfit I know I shouldn’t love but still do, the kind of thing that happens when I look at too many Japanese street style blogs. Fun fashion fact: the mohair jumpers John Lydon wore in his days fronting the Sex Pistols were knitted by his mum, which makes this hand knit from my DM the most punk thing I could possibly own.

#3 This was thrown together and I’ve honestly no idea what’s going on here. Glam university lecturer? Sleazy country uncle? The blazer and the pants have a sheen which works well in combination but the colours are on the soft side and it might work better with black accents. I’m thinking the cognac creepers and the woolly scarf throw it.

#4 This is better. I like the high contrast and proportions on this look and I’ve worn it a few times. I couldn’t find a jumbo scarf I liked in the shops so I took matters into my own hands. Inspired by the lovely Diana to pick up the needles, I knitted this one over Christmas.

#5 This is a winner, day to evening. Two skirts layered, black pleather over vintage white plisse. I love the contrasting textures and the fact that it makes me feel ladylike and a little bit sexy.

#6 Another favourite look that’s had a lot of wear this winter. Alleged CdG culottes with anonymous grey fine knit. The Boppu sneakers have turned out to be the surprise workhorse of the season.

#7 I’m sure I’ve done this look better with all black, but it’s nice for a change with stripy sleeves and bookending shoes.

#8-9 Bonus outerwear shots with fur wrap, leather gloves and hat and my default winter coat, a waterproof macintosh from Ralph Lauren menswear.

Your thoughts please. Feel free to critique, your honest feedback is always appreciated.


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