WIW: Accessorising a knee brace

Hope everyone's having a great Thanksgiving! We don't celebrate it here in Europe, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Black Friday acquisitions next week.

I'm wearing a knee brace right now on account of being knocked off my bike a couple of nights ago by a criminally negligent taxi driver. Luckily, no bones broken and not much damage other than a ruined evening and no sports for a week or so.

To be honest, I quite like the look of the thing so instead of covering it up I decided to accessorise it with a pair of thigh high roller derby socks and this asymetric skirt from Maison Martin Margiela pour H&M. I don't expect to set any trends here but it's Friday and I thought it might entertain you.

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  • crutcher replied 4 years ago

    You have my applause...That is a TDF idea...jazz up the knee brace...Yes!

  • Inge replied 4 years ago

    Super fun with the striped top and those red boots. And I admire your positive attitude: here's to rocking that knee brace!-)
    (Glad to hear you came away relatively unscathed though, that must have been scary.)

  • thimblelina replied 4 years ago

    Yes, glad you're okay! I find I experience a disturbing number of near misses when I bike commute even in my smallish city. Gah!

    For sure it's best to chicify this while it's a necessity! Otherwise what's a girl to do? Mope?

    I remember trying to convince my daughter & a boy on her cross country team how cute it would be if they went to the winter formal together when they both had those stress fracture walking boots that matched. They opted to stay home instead. (Yeah, I'm THAT mom... hahaha.)

  • deb replied 4 years ago

    Great job!!!

  • frannieb replied 4 years ago

    I love this Friday outfit and the red shoes are so fun.

  • approprio replied 4 years ago

    Heh yeah, thanks all. I'm glad I'm OK too. I was very relieved to pick myself up and find everything was working, and then fuming with rage at his terrible driving. Not giving way at a busy intersection with loads of bikes!! Not looking where he was going!!! On the wrong side of the road!!!!

    Anyway.... thimblelina, I love your story. I've now got a picture in my head of two awkward adolescents in formal wear and stress fracture boots circling the dance floor to Careless Whisper and it warms my heart. Somebody has to the THAT mom.

  • thimblelina replied 4 years ago


  • Firecracker replied 4 years ago

    Sorry to hear about the accident. I hope the taxi driver at least stopped?!
    Your outfit is super cool. I really love that skirt and the way you're wearing it with the stripes and booties (and brace)!

  • rachylou replied 4 years ago

    I love this. Hipster 1.0, original.

  • shiny replied 4 years ago

    What Rachy said!

  • Lyn D. replied 4 years ago


  • Sveta replied 4 years ago

    Girl, you have the best attitude! Love the accessorizing here, especially the double stripe theme :-) 

  • Eliza replied 4 years ago

    Bravo! Clever styling and glad luck was on your side. That is frightening!

  • shevia replied 4 years ago

    Delighted! Glad no bones were broken at least.

  • approprio replied 4 years ago

    Thanks again all. The leg seems to be getting better real quick and I think I'll be doing without the brace tomorrow. Hopefully back on the bike again within a few days!

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